Who we are ?

We are a group of environmental enthusiasts driven by the vision of Peter Duncan, a New Zealander who gave his time and energy to nurture the nature particularly in and around WindloftRetreat , Delthota.

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What we do

The seed that Peter Duncan planted in our hearts about the need to create a greener world for future generations through sustainable initiatives multiplied into a bigger, better scenario and..

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How to join

You may join Peter Duncan Green Platoon by contributing in kind in person and opinion and providing professional / expert opinions and services by becoming environmental responsible individual..

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Who  is Peter Duncan?

Born to a wealthy family in New Zealand, Peter Duncan, an economist by Profession, holding a Master’s Degree from a reputed University in South Africa spent best part of his boyhood serving for World Bank which led him engaged with many projects in South Africa, Brazil and various other parts of the world.
Later he came to Sri Lanka, fascinated by the simple lifestyles, this country attracted him in many ways which lead him to travel best parts of the country by train which included a trip to Jaffna as well. There onwards couple of visits were made to Sri Lanka until he put his firm foot on the ground by purchasing Wild Flower Hall Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, an act to help out his good old friend Jedice Earline, who had been in financial difficulty during this period. 

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Our Cause

Awareness Education

Have we ever wondered to know the real picture of our environment when the Global Warming is taking its own action which is beyond our control levels?

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Weeding of invasive Alien Plants

We got no details about their arrivals to our mother land but it’s so visible how perfectly they get established   in our lands as highly invasive alien..

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Planting ground covers

Peter Duncan Foundation owns no lands but accept to create ground covers in  any land needed protection or having potential to create water.

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Enhancing Quality of Water Bodies

Our extensive studies about water streams and other water bodies within the area shows that immediate attention is highly required to enhance enhance quality of water and has to implement sustainable..

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Working with Government

We are in the process of developing a data base on land masses required government protection and hoping to emphasize today’s need of bringing some legislations to preserve those as Forest Patches for..

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Inspire to connect people

We sternly believe neither education nor planting of trees could help for the sustainability of our initiatives. Since common people in villages are not attracted to get connected to the programmes in the most effective way.

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A story relate your child as well….

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